Thursday, September 2, 2010


I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of some people. 

Everyone should know by now that any Country's Military is their WAR MACHINE, and the United States Military is no different.

When someone enlists in the United States Military, they do in VOLUNTARILY!  Nobody is there with a gun making them sign the papers.  I know this because my husband was an Air Force Recruiter for several years and he NEVER forced anyone to enlist.  My son is currently Active Duty Air Force and I also know for a fact that no weapons and/or force was used to coerce him into enlisting either.

So we have a 20 year old male "Muslim" who enlisted into the United States Army last year and now he wants to not be required to be deployed to Afghanistan.  He has filed for Conscientious Objector Status (COS). 

The question is; was he Muslim before he enlisted?  If his religion tells him to object to "war" in any way, than why did he enlist in the ARMY of all things? 

The bigger question is; is he a terrorist, maybe engaging in treason, or simply a COWARD?

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